Friday, January 23, 2009

Here is the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition day 1 report

Here is a quick report from the Western Canda Fly Fishing Exposition:

the first day of the show is now history. With great lighting and a nice wooden floor, the venue at Spruce Meadows is perfect for the show. Attendance was pretty good with a nice mix of old fiends and new faces. The Whistler Flyfishing booth stayed busy for most of the day. Many folks seemed to like our Whistler Flyfishing Logowear and it was nice to see such a huge interest in Loop speyrods as well as the new Amundson Wind Warrior chronomid sticks.As it turned out we were so busy that none of us bothered to take any photos. Actually that's not entirely true, Pat Beahen snapped the following two pictures. In the first one show organizer Chris Bird is showing me the new advertising program with Broken Tippet, a new flyfishing magazine. The next photo shows Scott Baker casting in the Wright and Mcgill flycasting contest. Scott qualified 4th in the contest while some other guy from Whistler fluked out and qualified first. Finals are on Sunday and Wright and Mcgill are donating a fly rod package worth $1000 to the contest winner.

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