Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Whistler Flyfishing

just a reminder for anyone looking for a last minute holiday gifts

Whistler flyfishing offers mail order gift certificates for shop sales.

Can't find the perfect gift for that special angler or angler to be? Give the gift of knowledge this holiday season, Whistler Flyfishing has gift certificates for the following courses taught by FFF certified pros

-Learn to Flyfish in a day class

-Private casting lessons(spey or single hand)

-Steelhead speyfishing course

-Womens only flyfishing camps

-on the water winter trout fishing schools

-fly tying instruction

Please call Whistler Flyfishing at 1-888-822-3474 or 604-932-7221 for more information.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tattoo Dave Allen has a new clothing company featuring Dave's own T shirt designs. Check out his new website which includes fishing T designs and some great photography from Dave's fly fishing adventures.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Skeena Speyfishing School

Here is a picture of Scott Young with a nice Steelhead. Scotty used to guide with us here in Whistler but relocated to Terrace about 3 years ago to guide with Z-Boat lodge.Wanna catch some nice shiney fish next spring and improve your speycasting at the same time? Please consider joining me at Terrace's Z-Boat Lodge April 18-24 2010 . We will be fishing for wild Steelhead on the Kalum, Kitimat and Skeena rivers as well as targetting some of the earliest returing Chinook Salmon on the coast.These are ocean fresh fish, chrome bright and strong as can be. The setting is stunning, wild rivers, lush coastal rainforests and snow covered mountains as far as the eye can see. This trip is open to spey anglers of all abilities, from never before beginners right on up to expert casters. I will work hard to ensure that your speycasting reaches new levels. In the evenings we will enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and the warm hospitality that ZBoat has become famous for. If you would like to be included next spring please contact Whistler Flyfishing at 1-888-822-3474 as soon as possible as space is limited and at only $3600 CDN this trip is sure to fill up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whistler Blackcomb peak to peak

Ok, I admit it, not really much to do with fishing here (at all), but still a really cool video to watch. On The Shoulders of Giants.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Squamish River Chum Salmon Fly Fishing

This has been a fantastic year for Chum Salmon flyfishing on the lower Squamish river. Weather and water conditions have been all over the map with many sunny days along with lots of big storms.Every rise in the river brings in a steady migration of ocean bright Chum Salmon ready to eat well presented flies.Expect excellent Chum Salmon fly fishing to continue through right till the end of November. Here are a few pics from the past few weeks.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fraser river Sockeye Judical Inquiry

If you like salmon, you should give this a read and a sign. This is a judical inquiry calling attention to the 9 million Fraser river sockeye salmon that disappered over the summer. We also have the petition in the shop if you would like to sign it here too.
In Alexandra Morten's words.

Hello All

Good News Finally! Peter Julian, Member of Parliament – New Westminster has just launched a petition for a Judicial Inquiry into the Fraser sockeye crash.

CONSIDER THIS: If there had been a Judicial Inquiry into the declining North Atlantic cod, we would have rebuilt that fish stock by now because we would have discovered that the critical research by Dr. Ransom Myers of DFO was being suppressed by DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

Here we are again. DFO is completely silent, they have not even acknowledged that the Fraser sockeye crash pattern is extremely specific and provided the media with misinformation.

A judicial inquiry will place people under oath so they can be heard over the politics.

Please go to Peter Julian’s website:

And download the petition document, and sign:

This has to be a paper copy, there can be 1 signature on a page, or a full page of signatures, the address is on the document and postage to the federal government is free.

You cannot say you care about wild salmon if you don’t make this effort. This will make a very big difference in the future of BC and the eastern pacific.

Alexandra Morton

Saturday, October 24, 2009

April Vokey hosts Bonefishing trip to Andros South

Andros South March 20th-27th 2010 $3850 US

Whistler Flyfishing is proud to offer an exciting women's instructional bonefishing week at Andros South with BC's own April Vokey.This is a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate fly gals to chase Bonefish with one of the most patient instructors out there. A week fishing Bonefsih with April in the Bahamas is sure to be an experience you won't forget.April is an FFF certified flycasting instructor and guide who has dedicated her life to increasing women's involvement in fly fishing. April will be your host on this fantastic bonefishing adventure to the perfect and endless bonefish flats of South Andros Island in the western Bahamas.Please call Whistler Flyfishing 1-888-822-3474 for more information.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thompson River bait ban

At 11 Steelhead caught so far the in albion test fishery, hopes are high that the Thompson opens this year. This is one of the few rivers left in BC that still allows the use of bait for wild Steelhead. Frankly, I believe bait is completely out of place on a wild catch and release classified Steelhead fishery. Bait has been banned in most other BC rivers where wild Steelhead exist to protect the remaining fish from the proven higher catch and release mortality rate that it is famous for (usually caused by deep hooking), and to reduce the overall number of fish caught, reducing the post-release mortality that's inherit with a catch and release fishery to begin with. The BC ministries own creel survey data proves that a bait ban will be a valuable tool to reduce angler impact on these special fish. Please consider joining this facebook group to send a strong message to BC's fisheries managers. I encourage you to invite your friends and post links to this group anywhere you see fit.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Squamish river salmon are here

With all the Pinks pretty much dead, its now time we can turn our attention to the Chum, Coho and Trout until the Steelies start rolling in later in the winter. And from what we have seen, this is looking to be a promising year. With the cold weather finally making a presence in the sea-to-sky corrider, the rivers are low and clear, but there is no shortage of salmon, especially with the Coho. These fish seem to be running strong everywere this year, Squamish river system being no exception. With the water low and clear, Rolled muddlers, sparse egg suckers and sculpin flies seem to work as well as anything else.
Chum are pushing up the river as well, with fishable numbers in typical Chummy water along the lower reaches of the Squamish and lower river mouths (like the mamquam). There are plenty of trout in the mix as well, and simple to catch (egg patterns, Flesh or egg suckers), If you can find them. When in doubt as what to use, tye on a purple or Black egg sucking leech and see how far that takes you, you shouldn't have to change up. 10-15 ' of type 3-6 sink tips with a 7-9wt setup for the Salmon, and a 5-6wt rod with floating line for trout would be the gear to bring about now.
As for up to date water conditions, check out the Squamish river levels here, or give the shop a call at 604-932-7221

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loop Classic reels

Tradition with an attitude" Loops Classic series of reels are a great choice for the 2 hander. These reels will put up with the abuse that a hardcore steelhead/salmon fisher can dish out, and have a drag big enough to handle the biggest ocean fresh Salmonoids. Using the same waterproof Power Matrix Drag incorperated in all other loop reels, it is silky smooth "with a pronounced 'click' that signals “fish on” through your ears"... Meaning it absolutly screams when that big fish smashes your fly and starts taking line. It comes in 5 sizes, from a trout 4/6 to a king sized 10/13.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Andros South Bonefish trip with Pat Beahen May 2010

Explore some of the best bonefish flats in the world with Whistler Flyfishing lead guide Pat Beahen. Pat will be hosting a bonefishing trip to Deneki Outdoors' world famous Bonefish destination Andros South from May 22-29 2010. Whistler Flyfishing guides Pat and Terry visited Andros at this time time two years ago and were blown away by the spectacular fishing and friendly island vibe. Andros is a popular destination for Bonefish beginners and experts alike as the island offers both size and numbers of Bonefish.The guides are top notch and have many years' experience guiding the island's endless flats for these fish. Andros is a Bonefish paradise, May is a nice time to get away, Pat's a pretty fun guy to fish with and at $3850 US per angler this is an exceptional fly fishing value.Please call Whistler Flyfishing at 1-888-822-3474 or 1-604-932-7221 to reserve your space on this exciting tropical angling adventure with one of the funnest fishing guides around. $500 deposit payable at the time of booking.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


While fishing at Alaska West this summer I had the pleasure of spending the day with Skagit originater Ed Ward and writer/photographer Jeff Mishler as they put the final touches on their long awaited Skagitmaster DVD.

Jeff and Ed have put together a fantastic instructional DVD that comprehensively covers the sensible and efficient Skagit technique, arguably the greatest innovation in the history of two handed casting.

Check out the Skagitmaster website

Alaska West Photos

Alaska West Wilderness Lodge is truly a great place with fantastic guides and a prime location on the lower Kanektok river near the Yupik village of Quinhagak.The Kanektok is home to plentiful runs of all five species of Pacific Salmon as well as Leopard Rainbows, Dolly Varden and Grayling.

Each summer Alaska West offers a series of spey improvement weeks each featuring a different guest spey instructor. Most recently Dec Hogan, Charles St Pierre, Michael White, George Cook and myself have all lent a hand making sure guests are getting the most out of their Kanektok river experience.

The spey improvement weeks offer a unique opportunity to catch ocean bright Chinook(King) and Chum Salmon minutes from the Bering Sea. As well guests get to experience the ultimate in Trout fishing, casting switch rods with mouse patterns and swinging light two handers for Leopard Rainbows.

There are still some spaces left for Alaska West's Spey Improvement Weeks in 2010. Please contact Whistler Flyfishing at 1-888-822-3474 or for more information.

Here are some photos from week 4 and week 5 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tying an Intruder

I've been asked a few times to reveal the steps I use to tie our intruder. The Intruder has become more of a style of fly than a specific pattern. The original was tied by legendary Washington Steelhead guide Ed Ward. This variation of an Intruder is tied on a wadington shank with a small octopus style hook rigged in a loop of slickshooter. This set up enables one to change the hook so as to be always be fishing with a sharp hook. Different sizes and colors can enable you to target trout, Steelhead and Salmon, especially Chinook. We have used this fly with great success in the kenektok river Alaska West for Springs, as well as our west coast Steelhead and Chinook. Smaller patterns in olive are great for Bulltrout as well.

SHANK - Partridge waddington 25-55mm
LOOP - 35# slickshooter
THREAD - black
HOOK - octopus #2
TAIL - Polar bear and Arctic Fox on a dubbing loop
BODY - Guidebrod flat braid
HACKLE - Ostrich or Rhea wrapped over spun white polar bear
COLLAR -Mallard, fake spey or Schlappen hackle
HEAD - finish off with a nice set of machined eyes of your preference

First I Slip a hook on a length of slick shooter. Tie the slickshooter, or whatever your using for trailer line, on the top of the shank. Feed it through the eye of the shank and tie it underneith the shank as well. Make sure there is enough room to remove the hook when you need to change it.

Make a dubbing loop out of thin silver wire and put a bit of polar Bear in it. Colors are up to you. I find the softer and shorter fibers work the best. Twist the loop, wrap the Polar Bear and repeat the steps with normal thread and arctic fox right after.
You can either strip your rhea/ostrich and wrap it similar to hackle, or cut the individual fibers off and tye them in. I prefer wrapping, as it wastes less room and material. Tye in your body material, here I used BlueGuidebrod metallic braid, but use whatever you like...

Repeat the first few steps with more polar bear, Arctic Fox and Rhea tied up front. Like I said, colors are optional, pick a favorite fish catching color and work off of it with different shades and similar colors mixed in. I finished off this fly with Chartruese Amherst tied individually, pearl Krystal flash and black fake spey hackle, but Shlappen and large Mallard feathers work great wrapped up front as well. Finish the head with a set of nice dumbell eyes and zap-a-gap.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mark's first Kanektok River King(Chinook) Salmon

First off here is a photo of Mark on his first day taken by Alaska West guide Blake McHenry. Mark hit 3 Chinooks with Blake which made for a great start to his trip.I know first hand that Mark was really looking forward to this trip as he was in the fly shop many days prepping his gear and adding to his vast fly collection.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alaska West Speyfishing day 1

It's just before dinner on day 1 at Alaska West. The weather has been beautiful, the lodge staff amazing and a great group of international guests is making for a fun week on the Kanektok river. I spent most of today helping folks with their speycasting and am happy to report that no ears or eyeballs were hooked.

Fishing has been good with lots of nice Chinooks(King) Salmon hooked as well as chrome bright Chum Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden Char and some tasty Sockeye Salmon. Here is a pic I took of Laurie's first ever Salmon on the two hander, a beauty Chum fresh in from the Bering Sea.

Lots of fresh Chum Salmon in the river right now and they are a tonne of fun on the fly rod. I spent a good part of today with the father and son team of Wright and Jim. These guys managed a limit of nice bright Chum Salmon and made great progress with their spey casting. I also spent some time with Mark and Jon in the Pipeline run and lost track of the number of fish they hooked in between casting practice. Mark hooked some nice King Salmon first thing in the morning down at tidsewater including monster dime bright King that tried to take all of his line. I will try and post a pic of Mark's big King Salmon a bit later in the week but in the meantime here is a picture of Jon and guide Blake with another chrome Kanektok river Chum Salmon.

Here are a couple of King Salmon picures taken by Mike of fish he and Hayden caught with their guide Ben shortly after I fished with them in the morning. These gentlemen have made King Salmon season on the Kanektok an annual event and are pretty much the skagit masters of the UK.

That's it for now I'm off to the Independance day bonfire on the gravel bar in fron of the camp.


Friday, July 3, 2009

the rebirth of blog ...... Alaska West 2009

Ok so I must admit I have neglected our poor little Whistler Flyfishing blog. I mean we weren't exactly the Moldy Chum or anything but there was a time when regular blog entries were the norm around here. Then I got lazy..........however this my friends is the rebirth of blog.n I am sitting in the Millenium hotel getting ready to meet our crew in the lobby enroute to the Anchorage airport in less than an hour. God willing and through the miracle of modern aviation I should be knee deep in the Kanektok river by this afternoon. I will be supplying frequent updates of our trip via Alaska West's satelitte internet connection. In the meantime be sure to check out Deneki's facebook page for the skinny on what's up on the Kanektok.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whistler lakes are fishing great

With the Steelhead run over and the local rivers running high with spring runoff, most people are now turning their attention to the local lakes such as Alta, Green, Lost, Ivey and Loggers, which are fishing better and better as the bugs start hatching and the weather warms up.
local lakes right in town are fishing exceptional as the large carpenter ants that fly around in the first few weeks of hot weather are devoured by the fish. Flying ant patterns in a size 8-10 work great but Leeches, dragons, damsels, caddis and mayfly patters are all working great as well.
A personal favorate setup for the local lakes that rarely fails me is a 5-6wt setup with either a floating line down to type 3 sink tip with a 15 foot leader and a size 10-14 black micro leech fished slow. The micro leech is a very versitile pattern and in different colors and sizes can imitate almost everything the local fish feed on such as leeches, dragons, damsels, chronomids, black ands, caddis, etc. This method of fishing is very simple and I rarly switch up flies unless there is a prolific hatch happening. Fish in the local lakes will seldomly pass up a well presented Micro leech.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hustle and fish!

"Hustle & Fish" is an epic fly fishing adventure chalked full wacky characters, near death experiences, sharks, bears, wolves, and most of all breathtaking fly fishing footage and plenty of fish porn. Shot on High Definition with 35mm lenses "Hustle & Fish" is Rollcast Productions highly anticipated follow up to the indie Fly Fishing hit "Fishizzle!"

Fulfilling Steve’s life-long dream of getting paid to fish should be simple. Make a fishing movie, fish, sell the movie, fish, make loads of money and fish... but will anyone want to buy a hilarious movie about fishing? Will Steve get to go on the epic fishing adventure of his dreams?

Filmed on location in Alaska, Canada and Washington.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rivers are starting to look good...

The weather is warming up, and everyone knows what that means... Fishing is going to get good. The rivers on the coast have been very low and clear. With 4 arctic outflows this year, its no wonder! The rain and warmer weather has been bringing water levels up, so Steelhead and Bulltrout fishing should start picking up in the next few weeks here. The Cheakamus and Squamish rivers are good choices, though the Lower Lillooet Should be producing Steelhead as well as the odd Spring right now as well.
Big flies are a good choice for the Steelies as well as Springs. Fish are few and far between and big flies cover water fast. The fish are quite aggressive and so most favorite patterns will work. Intruders, leeches and prawn/shrimp patterns are all good choices. As with Steelheading anywhere, this is not a numbers fishery and any fish caught should be considered a trophy. Always practice proper catch and release habits, keep the fish off the sand and rocks and fingers out of its gills. Never let the fish go in fast water. Along with treating the fish well, treat your fellow anglers with respect. Proper river etiquette improves everyones day out on the water!
If you would like to check out river levels for the Squamish and Cheakamus, check out this website. For any other info, check out our website, or give the shop a call.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish eye view of the Birkenhead

Just thought I would share a video I took a few months ago of a Birkenhead river Bulltrout (Char) fighting just under the surface. The fish was landed a few seconds after the video ends and was quickly released.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring on the Lillooet

While the water is low and clear, and the Steelhead are few and far between in Squamish, there are few better places to catch fish then the upper Lillooet river. Between January and April, when the water can be very low, cold and clear, the Lillooet system can be a rewarding place to fish for the day. Cutthroat, Bulltrout and Rainbow trout can be caught regularly on Salmon fry, Alevin and most Sculpin/Streamer patterns, which are the most common food items available for these fish at this time of year. Although most fish average between 14-18 inches, some larger fish are caught on a regular basis. This river has easy access along most of its stretch from the town of Pemberton to the bridge crossing. A great river to fish for a few hours and still be able to catch a few fish, don't overlook the Lillooet the next time your going out on the water. For current river conditions and reports for the Lillooet, give us a call at the shop anytime at 604-932-7221.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby salmon make a great snack

The days are getting longer and warmer and most people are getting excited about spring and the sun. I am however getting excited for the imminent salmon fry migration that should be occurring over the next few weeks. With Chinook, Chum, Sockeye and Coho fry due to make (or making) their appearance within the next few weeks, the Bull trout, Cutthroat and Rainbow fishing should be as good as it will get in a long time. One of the best early-season patterns in Squamish is the Alevin Fly. A very simple pattern that uses a bit of colored wool, pearl flash and a couple of stick on eyes to create an incredibly deadly pattern for early season trout. Alevin are very poor swimmers and easy prey for larger fish, the Trout will hang out near small creek mouths, along with the classic water were they gorge themselves on helpless fry caught in the current. These Alevin flies are best fished on a dead drift with a floating line and long leader in order to imitate the helpless, easy meal trout expect.

HOOK - TMC 200r #6-10

BODY - Pearl metallic braid

WING - Natural or Olive Mallard Flank

BEARD - Orange Wool or Mcflyfoam tied in a loop

EYES - 1.5mm stick on eyes

THREAD- Olive or Grey 8/0

HEAD- Aquaseal or epoxy, doubles as weight

Saturday, February 28, 2009

BC Steelhead, Provincial Fish?

January 15th, 2009

Steelhead Society of B.C.
232 W. Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Y 1P6

Premier Gordon Campbell
Room 156, West Annex,
Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C.

Dear Premier Campbell
re: Designation of Steelhead as an Official Emblem of British Columbia (Provincial Fish)

Further to our earlier request of February 26, 2004, the Steelhead Society of B.C. again asks the government to give serious consideration to designating the wild steelhead (Oncorhynhus mykiss) as B.C.’s provincial fish for the following reasons:

- B.C. has a provincial flower (Pacific Dogwood, designated in 1956), a provincial gemstone(jade, designated in 1968), a provincial bird (Steller’s Jay, designated in 1987), a provincial tree(Western Red Cedar, designated in 1988), and most recently a provincial mammal (Spirit Bear).However, despite the cultural significance of fish to British Columbia, a provincial fish has not been designated as an official emblem of the province;

- Wild steelhead (and their land-locked equivalent, rainbow trout) are distributed throughout most of B.C. British Columbia is the only province in Canada with native, wild steelhead populations.These populations are the largest remaining in North America. The world records for the largest steelhead caught in fresh-water, and the largest steelhead caught by fly fishing, are both from British Columbia;

- B.C. is world famous for its unequalled wild steelhead sport fisheries, which are an economically and culturally priceless part of our heritage. The designation of wild steelhead as our provincial fish would add to these values.

We look forward to your response.

Yours truly,

Jason Tonelli
Steelhead Society of B.C.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike Orlowski's Steelhead Prawn

Everyone has their favorite Steelhead shrimp/prawn patterns, this would be my favorite. Originally tied as a larger version of the General practioner for Squamish Steelhead, some major tweaking created this version that looks nothing like the GP but has the action and looks Steelhead love. It is tied on a Waddington shank with a small octopus style hook rigged in a loop of slickshooter as to change up hooks when they get dull. A small amount of dubbed Polar Bear hair at the back of the fly keeps the tail fibers flared out and in constant motion in the water, similar to an intruder style fly, and some lead tied onto the bottom of the shank keeps it right side up and gives it more then enough weight to get it to were you need it. The Eyes are made melting 30lb mono into a ball and add a touch of realism to the fly.
SHANK - Partridge double waddington shank, 25-55mm

HOOK - Gamakatsu Octopus hook, 6-1/0

TAIL - Orange Amherst, orange Rhea or Ostrich, 2 dryfly grade Grizzly hackles, Krystal flash

BODY - Orange Seal fur or substitute

HACKLE - Orange Mallard flank

RIB- Copper wire

WING - Fake Burnt orange Spey Hackle

BEARD - Orange Rhea or Ostrich

EYES - Burnt 30lb monofilament

THREAD- Shrimp pink 6/0

HOOK LOOP- 50lb+ Fire line or 35lb Slickshooter doubled over the shank

WEIGHT- Lead wire tied onto the bottom of the shank

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fishing The Mamquam

Thousands of people drive over it every day and most don't bother a second glance at it, the Mamquam River is perhaps one of my favorite rivers in the Squamish area to fish. If you have ever fished it, Chances are it was during Salmon season for the plentiful Chum, Pink or Coho. Thats usually the extent of most fishing experiences on this urban river. But this river has exceptional Trout fishing as well. During the winter and spring, the Mamquam holds some of the largest sea-run Bulltrout encountered anywere in Squamish, more Cutthroat per Kilometre then the Squamish or Cheakamus, Rainbows, Springs, lots of Coho and even a late run of Steelhead. The Canyon water Holds lots of Rainbows and the reaches above the powerhouse hold Rainbow and bulltrout for almost 20km up the river. Winter tends to be a slower time to fish this river as it is very low and clear, but if you can find a couple nice runs, you can usually get into some larger sea run Bull, sea run Cutthroat and Rainbow trout. When the Cheakamus and Squamish Blow out during high water, the Mamquam usually gets back into shape the fastest. Large flies tend to work well for most species here, especially for the Char, but a simple egg sucking leech, rolled muddler or even a stonefly Nymph will work almost anytime of the year for the smaller trout. If the opportunity arises, don't be afriad to test your skills on the Mamquam.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bulkley River Steelhead Speyfishing

Here is one of my favourite fishing pictures. I took this photo of Jack Hemingway speyfishing on the Bulkley River a few months before he passed away. I guided Jack for a couple of years while working for Maxwell Steelhead Guides.I took this photo as Jack was fishing a run in up river from Trout creek called Paradise Lost. Jack was a joy to fish with and I can honestly say from what I could tell he lived life to the fullest.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Fishing in Whistler Article in Mountain Life Magazine

David Smith, a writer and photogropher based out of Whistler, recently spent a day on the water with Whistler Flyfishing lead guide and Loop tackle pro staffer Pat Beahen.Dave wrote a short story about that wintery day back in December which appeared in Mountain Life Magazine. Check out the story here.Dave got some amazing photos on the trip, Pats Loop opti jacket contrasting perfectly with the river and snowy background. Check out more of Dave Smith's work at

Loop Opti Switch Fly Rods Coming Soon

The staff at Whistler Flyfishing has been helping in the development of a new series of switch rods from Loop. Switch rods are the perfect fishing tool for the angler that values versatility. They are equally at home beach fishing for Coho Salmon as they are swinging flies for winter Steelhead. Much lighter than most switch rods currently available,the new Loop's were designed as single hand rods that speycast well. They are light and fairly fast with a smooth progressive action that is distinctively Loop. There are two rods In the Opti Switch series, both featuring Loops' stylish and comfortable new grip and durable cross weave technology. We expect these Opti Switch rods to be available early this spring.Give the fly shop a call at 1-888-822-3474 for more info on this and any other Loop tackle products

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Queen Charlotte Islands Steelhead

This past month, I took a trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands to fish for Steelhead on the famous Yakoun River. The Yakoun is the largest river on the islands and has one of the largest Steehead runs there. The river flows into Masset inlet with the town of Port Clements located right at its mouth. Although there was a over a foot and a half of snow to drive through and the river conditions were low, the Steelhead were more then willing to hit the peach colored intruder flies that were used primarily throughout the trip. The rod of choice was a Loop 7120 Multi Combined with the Multi reel and a 510 Compact skagit using type 3-6 Sink tips. The rod had enough backbone to handle the larger fish and at 12 feet, was perfect length for this smaller river.
My bad, forgot to remove my gloves