Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flyfish Rio Gallegos and Jurrassic Lake

It sounds like fishing for Sea Trout on the Rio Gallegos is pretty spectacular this year. Here is a recent report from Buitreras camp manager,Klaus Frimore pictured above:

After 2 days this week 46 sea trout is landed, biggest 22lbs, and a lot of fish 10-15lbs, chrome bright! Last morning was slower with 4 only, but the evening was fantastic with 18 landed. Anders Holmberg just arrived late evening, trying 3 pools in a couple off hours and landed 2 nice fish. River is perfect condition, 12-14C, tea colored. Still a lot fo fish coming, I saw the biggest monster at "one-cast" pool yesterday evening!

(if it continues this week will land around 120-130 sea trouts in very good sizes)

Whistler Flyfishing still has some availability left for Sea Trout fishing on the Rio Gallegos as well as some add on days at the very special Jurrassic Lake, home Rainbow Trout big enough to carry passengers.Flyfish Argentina this season.

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  1. Klaus rocking the new opti switch. you mentioned a little bit about it in the newsletter, anymore information you can throw out there?