Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kispiox River Girls take on Mantracker

Last summer my friend Alana Wadley and her pal Kaleigh Allen were featured on OLN's popular Mantracker show.These two young women grew up in the rugged paradise that is Kispiox BC, learning the ways of the wilderness from parents that were involved in guide outfitting.Kaleigh is the younger sister of Jim Allen,well known BC Steelhead guide and owner of The Kispiox Fishing Company ( Alana's father is also a Steelhead guide and she has spent a good portion of her life working at northern BC fishing lodges. Currently Alana works at the luxurious Bear Claw Lodge where Kispiox River Fishing Companies' clients get to stay.

I have watched quite a few Mantracker episodes and think this is one of the most entertaining that I've seen. Fun to see two young bushwise girls give him the runaround.I have to admit I am a bit of an armchair quarterback when it comes to evading Mantracker. Honestly I'm pretty confident I could get away, but then again thats a pretty easy statement to make from the comfort of my living room.Here is part one of the Mantracker episode that was filmed just west of Smithers BC You can find the other 4 parts of the episode in the related videos section on youtube. If you keep a close eye you will even notice Alana sporting one of our custom Whistler Flyfishing New Era brand caps in the episode and the application video the girls submitted.

Here is the video the Kispiox girls submitted to OLN to get on Mantracker:


  1. That was entertaining! I watched the episode on youtube after seeing this, and must say, these girls are made of stern stuff. I thought girls like this were only to be found in Africa! Thanks for the dogging a good thing.


  2. Darn, I meant bird dogging....

  3. Marriage material right there. Excellent work.