Friday, January 9, 2009

Kids Today....

Here in Canada there is a sense that kids are not fishing as much as they used to, probably due to the various electronic entertainment distractions so popular with the youth of today. I remember being 12 years old and racing home after school to grab my fly rod and bmx bike and ripping down the dyke to the river mouth to chase sea run Cutthroat Trout.
The two youngsters in the photo, aged 10 and 11 are from Australia. They visit Whistler each year and do a couple of days of guided flyfishing. It is neat to see their skills improve with each visit. They are becoming anglers of the highest regard. They both tie their own flies, cast great(even double hauling), understand proper angling ettiquite and most importantly have respect for the fish. They are pictured here with a beauty Bull Trout that the oldest one caught this past January in the Cheakamus River near Whistler. A nice fish no doubt, but what makes it really special is when they caught it. On this particular trip the older folks, including their hard core fishing uncle had decided to pack it in after lunch. Fair enough, it was one of those days where the snow is so wet that you get soaked and then frozen by the cold wind. The boys had looked forward to this trip so there was no stopping them. When the old folks went back to the hotel hot tub the kids fished on. Not long after the parents departure young Harrison latched onto this beauty, the look on the boys' faces says it all!

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