Friday, October 30, 2009

Fraser river Sockeye Judical Inquiry

If you like salmon, you should give this a read and a sign. This is a judical inquiry calling attention to the 9 million Fraser river sockeye salmon that disappered over the summer. We also have the petition in the shop if you would like to sign it here too.
In Alexandra Morten's words.

Hello All

Good News Finally! Peter Julian, Member of Parliament – New Westminster has just launched a petition for a Judicial Inquiry into the Fraser sockeye crash.

CONSIDER THIS: If there had been a Judicial Inquiry into the declining North Atlantic cod, we would have rebuilt that fish stock by now because we would have discovered that the critical research by Dr. Ransom Myers of DFO was being suppressed by DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans).

Here we are again. DFO is completely silent, they have not even acknowledged that the Fraser sockeye crash pattern is extremely specific and provided the media with misinformation.

A judicial inquiry will place people under oath so they can be heard over the politics.

Please go to Peter Julian’s website:

And download the petition document, and sign:

This has to be a paper copy, there can be 1 signature on a page, or a full page of signatures, the address is on the document and postage to the federal government is free.

You cannot say you care about wild salmon if you don’t make this effort. This will make a very big difference in the future of BC and the eastern pacific.

Alexandra Morton

Saturday, October 24, 2009

April Vokey hosts Bonefishing trip to Andros South

Andros South March 20th-27th 2010 $3850 US

Whistler Flyfishing is proud to offer an exciting women's instructional bonefishing week at Andros South with BC's own April Vokey.This is a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate fly gals to chase Bonefish with one of the most patient instructors out there. A week fishing Bonefsih with April in the Bahamas is sure to be an experience you won't forget.April is an FFF certified flycasting instructor and guide who has dedicated her life to increasing women's involvement in fly fishing. April will be your host on this fantastic bonefishing adventure to the perfect and endless bonefish flats of South Andros Island in the western Bahamas.Please call Whistler Flyfishing 1-888-822-3474 for more information.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thompson River bait ban

At 11 Steelhead caught so far the in albion test fishery, hopes are high that the Thompson opens this year. This is one of the few rivers left in BC that still allows the use of bait for wild Steelhead. Frankly, I believe bait is completely out of place on a wild catch and release classified Steelhead fishery. Bait has been banned in most other BC rivers where wild Steelhead exist to protect the remaining fish from the proven higher catch and release mortality rate that it is famous for (usually caused by deep hooking), and to reduce the overall number of fish caught, reducing the post-release mortality that's inherit with a catch and release fishery to begin with. The BC ministries own creel survey data proves that a bait ban will be a valuable tool to reduce angler impact on these special fish. Please consider joining this facebook group to send a strong message to BC's fisheries managers. I encourage you to invite your friends and post links to this group anywhere you see fit.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Squamish river salmon are here

With all the Pinks pretty much dead, its now time we can turn our attention to the Chum, Coho and Trout until the Steelies start rolling in later in the winter. And from what we have seen, this is looking to be a promising year. With the cold weather finally making a presence in the sea-to-sky corrider, the rivers are low and clear, but there is no shortage of salmon, especially with the Coho. These fish seem to be running strong everywere this year, Squamish river system being no exception. With the water low and clear, Rolled muddlers, sparse egg suckers and sculpin flies seem to work as well as anything else.
Chum are pushing up the river as well, with fishable numbers in typical Chummy water along the lower reaches of the Squamish and lower river mouths (like the mamquam). There are plenty of trout in the mix as well, and simple to catch (egg patterns, Flesh or egg suckers), If you can find them. When in doubt as what to use, tye on a purple or Black egg sucking leech and see how far that takes you, you shouldn't have to change up. 10-15 ' of type 3-6 sink tips with a 7-9wt setup for the Salmon, and a 5-6wt rod with floating line for trout would be the gear to bring about now.
As for up to date water conditions, check out the Squamish river levels here, or give the shop a call at 604-932-7221

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loop Classic reels

Tradition with an attitude" Loops Classic series of reels are a great choice for the 2 hander. These reels will put up with the abuse that a hardcore steelhead/salmon fisher can dish out, and have a drag big enough to handle the biggest ocean fresh Salmonoids. Using the same waterproof Power Matrix Drag incorperated in all other loop reels, it is silky smooth "with a pronounced 'click' that signals “fish on” through your ears"... Meaning it absolutly screams when that big fish smashes your fly and starts taking line. It comes in 5 sizes, from a trout 4/6 to a king sized 10/13.