Monday, November 29, 2010

Pieroway Metal Detector rods pass the test

Our New Pieroway Metal Detector rods have been put through some extensive testing over the last few months including rivers like the Dean, Kenektok, Skeena, Humber and many others, becoming a favorite stick to alot of fishy people. They are easy to use for beginners but experienced casters can throw some lazer loops with the skagit style lines they were designed for, compact Skandi lines cast equally well too.

Max loading up the 12' butter stick

Instead of designated line weights, they are sized in grain weights so you know the right line to use to get the best out of the rod. The 6ish weight, 400Grain 10'5" mini Skagit is equally good at throwing compact skandi lines both Spey and overhand. A perfect size rod for any trout like creature that resides in rivers. The 510Grain 7-8 weight was designed as a Steely stick and is perfect for most moderate sized Steelhead and salmon bearing rivers. At 12' its ideal for even some of the smaller streams, but loads up super well to chuck t14 and 5" bugs as far as you want, if needed.

Rob and a nice fish on the 510 Metal Detector

The 720 is the Chinook rod of the bunch. At 13'5" It throws the biggest Skagit lines and the heaviest bugs to dredge up some of the largest fish you can find in a river.
Brian and a big Dean Spring on the Metal Detector

If you would like to give one of these sticks a wiggle or to cast one, give us a call or drop by the shop

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Really Big Chinook Salmon on the Fly

Filed in the category of really big Chinook Salmon on the fly or King Salmon you will never forget. Nice work Mr. Matt you fishmeister you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whistler Flyfishing Steelhead Article

Check out Whistler Flyfishing's article in the "Whistler Traveller" magazine. Pick one up at any of the local stores for free and check out our article on winter Steelhead fishing in our area.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter, a great time for Bulls and Bows

As the remaining Chum and Coho Salmon start to die off and the temperature plummets in the Sea to Sky corridor, the trout keep on eating. Generally whatever is left of the Salmon is food for the Trout, like flesh and eggs. The winter is a great time to fish for big Trout/Char but they are not always hanging out were you expect them to be, especially when the temperatures are extreme. For up to date info on were to fish and what to use, drop by the Whistler Fly Shop or give us a shout

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whistler Flyfishing die-cut vinyl stickers

Whistler fly shop just received a shipment of die-cut Vinyl stickers in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are looking for a chance to grab one of these popular logo decals this is it, as they don't tend to last very long here in the shop...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tying the Squamish Poacher shank style

The Squamish poacher is a local favorite for fishing the Squamish and Cheakamus rivers. However most people don't seem to know the trick in tying it. In this case I put my own spin on it and it looks a bit different then the original but hey, but its the same technique, and its not like the fish really care. Having the fly on a shank with a trailer hook however is a big advantage to a regular hook, as you tend to loose less fish after hookups and the little gammies used on these flies can be easily swapped out for nice sharp ones once they dull. You will need:

SHANK - Partridge waddington 25-55mm
LOOP - 35# slickshooter or Rio knot-able wire
THREAD - White or Orange G.S.P or stronger type thread
HOOK - octopus #2
TAIL - Red/Orange Polar bear and a few strands of pearl flash
BODY - Orange Chenille
HACKLE - Orange Schlappen
SHELLBACK: Edge Bright/Lazer wrap
EYES: Melted 50 pound monofilament
WEIGHT: lead wire wrapped along the shank, this is very important if you don't want your fly to swim upside down!

Krazy glue optional

Start off wrapping the shank in thread. Feed the slick shooter through the eye of the shank (hook attached) and tie it down on both top and bottom. I like to Krazy glue it after too.

Wrap Some lead wire along the lower portion of the shank. Then wrap the chenille in for the head but don't cut it. Add the Polar bear (or something similar) and some flash. Then tie in the set of eyes. I like to use some more Krazy glue at this point too

Tie in your Schlappen (or similar) by the butt end and wrap the rest of the chenille to the eye of the shank. Then wrap the Hackle up to the eye and tie off.

Cut off a strip of Lazer wrap about the some width as the body of the fly and tie it in starting at the shank eye. The original pattern has the shell back attached at the tail as well but I think this way gives the fly a little more movement. Tie the shellback off in about 3 or 4 sections and make sure to give each segment a few wraps. Tie off the fly right about where your hackle starts. Cut the lazer wrap into a point above the mono eyes, and a V cut out on the other side so the there is room for the line. Krazy glue any thread you see.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Steelhead Fies

Although we tend to tie our own flies when we go out Steelhead fishing, there are a few commercially available patterns out now that I like to have on me as go-to flies. They look awesome, are tied durable and catch lots of fish! These are just a few of my favorites;

From the right side going counter clockwise; the Blue Charm is an great low water fly as is the Hobit spey tube. The Hoh-bo spey in blue or purple is a very effective pattern on the Bulkley and local waters, as is the heavier Pick yer Pocket. Both Silveys Squid and Silveys Prawn look great and work great on Steelhead and big Chinook too! Check out some more great patterns from Idylwilde (read their blog here!) on our online store, as these are just a few of many sweet patterns we carry

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Looks Like Some New Water on the Dean

October 2010 was one of wettest months on record for all of British Columbia. The Dean river was especially hard hit with some major flooding. Here is a photo of the river mouth taken by Wayne Sissons of Bella Coola Air. Looks like some new water to explore as the river has split just above the mouth and this new river left channel looks like it has some great potential. I guess I will have to wait until next June to explore it when I am teaching a Chinook Salmon spey instructional weeks at BC West. If you are interested in joining us for Salmon or Steelhead trips on the Dean please give Whistler Flyfishing a call at 1-888-822-3474.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Speycasting Lessons in Whistler and Vancouver

Whistler Flyfishing offers speycasting lessons in a variety of formats. Our classes are taught by FFF certified THCI instructors and predominately focus on modern northwest and skagit spey techniques.We offer hourly private lessons, full day private speyfishing schools as well as group lessons and destination spey schools in a variety of locales.

In 2010 we offered speycasting lessons on the Bow river in Alberta, the Humber river in Newfoundland, the Kanektok river in Alaska as well as the Dean River, Skeena river, Bulkley river, Kalum river and Squamish river here in BC.

We teach private speycasting lessons in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler throughout the year, including the winter months.Please contact the fly shop at 1-888-822-3474 for more info or to reserve your time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lots of Chum Salmon in the Squamish river

Here is a picture of a nice Chum my client caught in the Squamish river last week. Lots of these super strong Salmon around right now making for a great fishery for the salmon angler. Speyfishing is the perfect method to target these fish which range between 7 pounds and 35 pounds. Whistler Flyfishing offers full day and half day guided trips on the Squamish river throughout Salmon season which typically runs through till mid December. Please call the fly shop at 1-888-822-3474 for more info or to book your trip.