Friday, January 28, 2011

Tying the Skagit Minnow, great fly for Winter Steelhead

The Skagit Minnow is a simple, easy to tie and highly effective pattern for winter Steelhead all over BC. Not only does it require few materials, but it is easy to cast and because of the trailer hook, lots of movement and good hookups are the norm. I make these in a veriaty of colors and sizes but the same basic steps are used in all of these flies. You will need: Size 1 or 2 Octopus style Trailer hook, 30lb Dacron backing, Saddle hackle, 2 different Marabou colors, Chenille, Dumbbell eyes, Schlappen feathers, Krysal flash and a cheap hook to cut, or a 20mm Waddington Shank. Colors are up to you, I used florescent Orange Saddles, fire Orange and Pink Marabou, Pink Schlappen and Pink Chenille.

Start off with the Octopus Trailer, tie in 2 inward facing saddle hackles as the tail, kind of like a Deceiver fly.
Cut the tip off the Marabou feather, tie in and wrap forward until the eye of the fly. Add a few strands of Krystal flash and whip finish.

Fold the 30lb Deacron in half and thread it through the eye of the hook like a loop-to-loop connection. Make sure the 2 ends come of of the front of the eye.

Feed the Dacron through the eye of the other hook/shank and tie down on both top and bottom. Make sure the backing is tied in straight so the hook rides right side up and doesn't twist.

Make a ball of Chenille, tie off and add another Marabou feather of the same color. Tie it in against the Chenille ball and wrap forward.

Keep adding feathers until you are half way down the shank.

Add the 2nd Marabou color and some more Krystal flash. Wrap in a couple of Pink Schlappen feathers.

Tie a set of eyes on the bottom of the shank. Whip finish and glue. Krazy glue and Zap-A-Gap are what I use, keeps the fly together even after a few fish and rocks have ripped it up a bit. Piece of cake to tie, try it in olive or black for Bulltrout, Browns or whatever eats baitfish. A great fly for BC waters and an awesome fly for the Squamish river.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squamish guided trips, winter Trout and Char

Dean with a nice Bull

This winter has been a particularly good one for Rainbow Trout and Bulltrout, check out some of our recent pictures from guided trips on the Squamish and Cheakamus rivers.

Elaine with a beauty Squamish Bow

Harrison and Pat with another nice Rainbow

Stuart with a chrome Char

The release

Monday, January 17, 2011

Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition, Whistler flyfishing goes to Calgary Fly show

Calgary expo, the Whistler Flyfishing team photo from last year

As with years previous, Whistler fly fishing will have a booth at the Calgary Fly show from January 28-30th. Our booth will be stuffed with our popular Whistler Flyfishing logowear and sweet deals on fly gear, along with Metal detector rods and clothing among other things. Our western Fly expo booth will have tying demonstrations done by local guide and Loop prostaff, Maxwell Robinson. Fishing encyclopedia Scott Baker and Haida Gwaii big deal Yos Gladstone will be hanging around the booth offering advice, instruction and security services. Of course Brian Niska will be there too, showing off some casting techniques, advice and instruction. If you are in the area, check us out!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Opti Creek, sweet reel for Lite gear

If you ever fish small creeks or very light tippets, check out the Loop Opti Creek Reel. With a large diameter for good pickup on reeling in and keeping light lines from coiling up and retaining memory. The super smooth enclosed carbon disk drag works perfectly without ever needing maintenance, even if you hook a really good one you have the advantage. At 120 grams, you could put this reel on rods from 0-4wt and have a field day on the local pan-fry population or fish Spring fed creeks with big spooky Browns, Check it out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BC winter Steelhead, Guided and hosted trips

Shop guide Pat Beahen with a huge local BC winter Steelhead

Its getting to be that time again, BC Winter Steelhead are making their way into their natal streams all over the province. Rivers like the Stamp, Gold and Vedder that have earlier runs of winter fish are all doing exceptionally well. Because of good ocean survival, that trend should continue for most BC Steelhead bearing streams that will be getting fish in the next few months.
Our local rivers like the Squamish and Cheakamus had better runs last year then many previous years in the past and should be very good this year as well. The Skeena system had a phenomenal run of steelhead this fall and there is no reason why it shouldn't continue for the winter and spring months.
Whistler flyfishing has hosted trips on alot of these winter Steelhead waters for the spring including the Kalum, Yakoun and the Nass river. Local Steelhead trips out of Whistler start in late February and run, weather permitting, until the end of May. For any info on these winter run rivers or information on guided and hosted trips, give the shop a call at 604-932-7221

Mike with a sweet local Steelie from May long weekend

March Fish around here are generally really Chrome

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patagonia Merino Wool Rabble Beanie

We are about half way through winter now. Through it, one of the best selling articles of clothing in the shop here has been the Patagonia Merino wool Rabble beanie. As soon as we got them in I knew I had to have one and I can say with confidence its the best fishing/outdoor toque I've ever worn (I worn alot of different toques, seriously). After not removing it from my head for a matter of a few years now I have found it to repel water, especially away from face and neck. It never gets waterlogged, its super durable and most importantly (Maybe not to you) it doesn't ever smell. Marino Wool with a fleece inside make it really comfy and it works pretty well for Steelheading or any winter sport (skiing or boarding, it fits under helmets quite nicely too).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lots of snow, good for Skiing, good for the Fish

The view outside the Whistler Fly Shop, lots of snow everywhere

With all the new snow that we have here falling in our area, it's looking a little different then recent years with lower snowpacks. Thank La Nina. The snow is not only good for the skiing among many other things, but great for the glacial runoff rivers we have here as well, as long as it doesn't all melt at once.
The milder and wetter weather create favorable fishing conditions in our rivers during the mid winter. With cloudy overcast days the norm, the valley temperatures stay on the milder side and fishing is generally good. Sunny, dry artic outflows make for less then desirable days on the water, but a few fish will continue to bite until the rivers or your line guides freeze over. Globugs and fleshflies work really well right now, find the spawning salmon and you will find the Char and Trout.

When you start finding Bulltrout Popsicles, It might be a little cold to fish

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bird in the shop

A Black Bird taking a good long look at our logo ware before flying into the window. Apparently we don't have the correct sizing for birds. That or it saw the fly tying wall

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Steelhead and Chinook flies

A good friend of ours Stuart Foxall Is an excellent tier, and when at home in the UK he ties like mad until its time for Steelhead and Spring season here. Big Chartreause and Blue work well for the Chinook, and smaller Purple, Blue Black and Pink are great for the ocean fresh Steelhead here. All the flies seen here were tied on tubes and regular style Steelhead hooks.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Haida Gwaii, Queen Charlotte Island Steelhead

Dave tailing winter Chrome

Haida Gwaii Winter Steelhead

Often referred to as the Galapagos of the north, Haida Gwaii offers a truly unique Steelheading experience in a lush wilderness rainforest with incredible biodiversity.

We are very excited to partner with Frontier Farwest on their new Copper Bay operation on Haida Gwaii. This is winter Steelhead fishing in it's purest form.

The Haida Gwaii season runs from December through March and we have a variety of dates available including hosted weeks with both Mike Orlowski and Whistler flyfishing guide Pat Beahen.

Pat with A sweet Yak fish

The price for this trip is $4100 + tax and includes gourmet home cooked meals, 7 nights accomodation and pick up and transfer from the Sandspit airport. Flights are about an hour and a half from Vancouver airport

Copper Bay Lodge is located on Haida Gwaii in the northwest corner of British Columbia. This rustic lodge sits in the coastal rainforest overlooking the waters of Hecate straight and offers good access to great Steelhead rivers like the Pallant, Copper, Tlell, Mamin and Yakoun.

Yakoun Steelhead are world famous for both their size and strength with many fish in the high teens and even fresh fish up over twenty pounds. This river enjoys a high percentage of multi salt fish meaning these are some of the largest winter runs anywhere.

Aggressive Cutthroat Trout as well

Vancouver Steelhead Guided Trips

Whistler Flyfishing offers Vancouver Steelhead guided trips with some of the most experienced Steelhead fly fishing guides in British Columbia. A lot of the best fishing in the winter and spring is done in and around Squamish which is just north of Vancouver. We provide guided flyfishing trips for wild Steelhead and Char for our Vancouver clients, picking them up at their Vancouver hotels or meeting them in Squamish. Whistler Flyfishing guides are on the water every day, on the search for winter Steelhead and Trout. We supply all the gear, from waders to lunch. For more info call 1 888 822 3474 or 604-932-7221.