Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whistler lakes are fishing great

With the Steelhead run over and the local rivers running high with spring runoff, most people are now turning their attention to the local lakes such as Alta, Green, Lost, Ivey and Loggers, which are fishing better and better as the bugs start hatching and the weather warms up.
local lakes right in town are fishing exceptional as the large carpenter ants that fly around in the first few weeks of hot weather are devoured by the fish. Flying ant patterns in a size 8-10 work great but Leeches, dragons, damsels, caddis and mayfly patters are all working great as well.
A personal favorate setup for the local lakes that rarely fails me is a 5-6wt setup with either a floating line down to type 3 sink tip with a 15 foot leader and a size 10-14 black micro leech fished slow. The micro leech is a very versitile pattern and in different colors and sizes can imitate almost everything the local fish feed on such as leeches, dragons, damsels, chronomids, black ands, caddis, etc. This method of fishing is very simple and I rarly switch up flies unless there is a prolific hatch happening. Fish in the local lakes will seldomly pass up a well presented Micro leech.