Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rivers are starting to look good...

The weather is warming up, and everyone knows what that means... Fishing is going to get good. The rivers on the coast have been very low and clear. With 4 arctic outflows this year, its no wonder! The rain and warmer weather has been bringing water levels up, so Steelhead and Bulltrout fishing should start picking up in the next few weeks here. The Cheakamus and Squamish rivers are good choices, though the Lower Lillooet Should be producing Steelhead as well as the odd Spring right now as well.
Big flies are a good choice for the Steelies as well as Springs. Fish are few and far between and big flies cover water fast. The fish are quite aggressive and so most favorite patterns will work. Intruders, leeches and prawn/shrimp patterns are all good choices. As with Steelheading anywhere, this is not a numbers fishery and any fish caught should be considered a trophy. Always practice proper catch and release habits, keep the fish off the sand and rocks and fingers out of its gills. Never let the fish go in fast water. Along with treating the fish well, treat your fellow anglers with respect. Proper river etiquette improves everyones day out on the water!
If you would like to check out river levels for the Squamish and Cheakamus, check out this website. For any other info, check out our website, or give the shop a call.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fish eye view of the Birkenhead

Just thought I would share a video I took a few months ago of a Birkenhead river Bulltrout (Char) fighting just under the surface. The fish was landed a few seconds after the video ends and was quickly released.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring on the Lillooet

While the water is low and clear, and the Steelhead are few and far between in Squamish, there are few better places to catch fish then the upper Lillooet river. Between January and April, when the water can be very low, cold and clear, the Lillooet system can be a rewarding place to fish for the day. Cutthroat, Bulltrout and Rainbow trout can be caught regularly on Salmon fry, Alevin and most Sculpin/Streamer patterns, which are the most common food items available for these fish at this time of year. Although most fish average between 14-18 inches, some larger fish are caught on a regular basis. This river has easy access along most of its stretch from the town of Pemberton to the bridge crossing. A great river to fish for a few hours and still be able to catch a few fish, don't overlook the Lillooet the next time your going out on the water. For current river conditions and reports for the Lillooet, give us a call at the shop anytime at 604-932-7221.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby salmon make a great snack

The days are getting longer and warmer and most people are getting excited about spring and the sun. I am however getting excited for the imminent salmon fry migration that should be occurring over the next few weeks. With Chinook, Chum, Sockeye and Coho fry due to make (or making) their appearance within the next few weeks, the Bull trout, Cutthroat and Rainbow fishing should be as good as it will get in a long time. One of the best early-season patterns in Squamish is the Alevin Fly. A very simple pattern that uses a bit of colored wool, pearl flash and a couple of stick on eyes to create an incredibly deadly pattern for early season trout. Alevin are very poor swimmers and easy prey for larger fish, the Trout will hang out near small creek mouths, along with the classic water were they gorge themselves on helpless fry caught in the current. These Alevin flies are best fished on a dead drift with a floating line and long leader in order to imitate the helpless, easy meal trout expect.

HOOK - TMC 200r #6-10

BODY - Pearl metallic braid

WING - Natural or Olive Mallard Flank

BEARD - Orange Wool or Mcflyfoam tied in a loop

EYES - 1.5mm stick on eyes

THREAD- Olive or Grey 8/0

HEAD- Aquaseal or epoxy, doubles as weight