Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rivers are starting to look good...

The weather is warming up, and everyone knows what that means... Fishing is going to get good. The rivers on the coast have been very low and clear. With 4 arctic outflows this year, its no wonder! The rain and warmer weather has been bringing water levels up, so Steelhead and Bulltrout fishing should start picking up in the next few weeks here. The Cheakamus and Squamish rivers are good choices, though the Lower Lillooet Should be producing Steelhead as well as the odd Spring right now as well.
Big flies are a good choice for the Steelies as well as Springs. Fish are few and far between and big flies cover water fast. The fish are quite aggressive and so most favorite patterns will work. Intruders, leeches and prawn/shrimp patterns are all good choices. As with Steelheading anywhere, this is not a numbers fishery and any fish caught should be considered a trophy. Always practice proper catch and release habits, keep the fish off the sand and rocks and fingers out of its gills. Never let the fish go in fast water. Along with treating the fish well, treat your fellow anglers with respect. Proper river etiquette improves everyones day out on the water!
If you would like to check out river levels for the Squamish and Cheakamus, check out this website. For any other info, check out our website, or give the shop a call.

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