Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike Orlowski's Steelhead Prawn

Everyone has their favorite Steelhead shrimp/prawn patterns, this would be my favorite. Originally tied as a larger version of the General practioner for Squamish Steelhead, some major tweaking created this version that looks nothing like the GP but has the action and looks Steelhead love. It is tied on a Waddington shank with a small octopus style hook rigged in a loop of slickshooter as to change up hooks when they get dull. A small amount of dubbed Polar Bear hair at the back of the fly keeps the tail fibers flared out and in constant motion in the water, similar to an intruder style fly, and some lead tied onto the bottom of the shank keeps it right side up and gives it more then enough weight to get it to were you need it. The Eyes are made melting 30lb mono into a ball and add a touch of realism to the fly.
SHANK - Partridge double waddington shank, 25-55mm

HOOK - Gamakatsu Octopus hook, 6-1/0

TAIL - Orange Amherst, orange Rhea or Ostrich, 2 dryfly grade Grizzly hackles, Krystal flash

BODY - Orange Seal fur or substitute

HACKLE - Orange Mallard flank

RIB- Copper wire

WING - Fake Burnt orange Spey Hackle

BEARD - Orange Rhea or Ostrich

EYES - Burnt 30lb monofilament

THREAD- Shrimp pink 6/0

HOOK LOOP- 50lb+ Fire line or 35lb Slickshooter doubled over the shank

WEIGHT- Lead wire tied onto the bottom of the shank

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  1. This is one of my best producing patterns I have tied it big like hr one I the pic for winter chrome on the smith and to my surprise I sized it deown quite a bit for Trinity Steel with good results. I wish you would all become sponsors for Poppy at The Red Shed in Idaho on The Clearwater be just started a Forum. Thank you for posting and yes of course I was really bumed when LOOP Gaffeled the great idea of a Spey line with multiple sink densities that you boys developed. I wish you all the best from Cali.
    Eric R