Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Queen Charlotte Islands Steelhead

This past month, I took a trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands to fish for Steelhead on the famous Yakoun River. The Yakoun is the largest river on the islands and has one of the largest Steehead runs there. The river flows into Masset inlet with the town of Port Clements located right at its mouth. Although there was a over a foot and a half of snow to drive through and the river conditions were low, the Steelhead were more then willing to hit the peach colored intruder flies that were used primarily throughout the trip. The rod of choice was a Loop 7120 Multi Combined with the Multi reel and a 510 Compact skagit using type 3-6 Sink tips. The rod had enough backbone to handle the larger fish and at 12 feet, was perfect length for this smaller river.
My bad, forgot to remove my gloves


  1. I just came accross your web site and am I ever glade I did. I have been out to the Queen Charlotte Islands; and really want to go back some time in the future ;your photos bring back memories of my time that I spent there.

    Nice site.

    Edward H.C Graydon

  2. It has been a while since my last trip to the Island;maybe 2 years;and that is far to long. I made the trip out there once a year for at least five years and I miss it. Tommorrow is my birthday and I will be going out there then .Even if a person is not fishing the island;it really is a great trip.All Canadians should try to spend time there ;as it is really great Canadian soil.Maybe a B.C ferries map on your site; would show the route for people that do not want to fly there as getting there is the best part of the trip.

  3. Tomorrow I will be catching a flight to Vancouver and then the ferry .up to the coast to port Hardy.I can not say there is all that much in the way of fish right now,but the trip will be great.