Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring on the Lillooet

While the water is low and clear, and the Steelhead are few and far between in Squamish, there are few better places to catch fish then the upper Lillooet river. Between January and April, when the water can be very low, cold and clear, the Lillooet system can be a rewarding place to fish for the day. Cutthroat, Bulltrout and Rainbow trout can be caught regularly on Salmon fry, Alevin and most Sculpin/Streamer patterns, which are the most common food items available for these fish at this time of year. Although most fish average between 14-18 inches, some larger fish are caught on a regular basis. This river has easy access along most of its stretch from the town of Pemberton to the bridge crossing. A great river to fish for a few hours and still be able to catch a few fish, don't overlook the Lillooet the next time your going out on the water. For current river conditions and reports for the Lillooet, give us a call at the shop anytime at 604-932-7221.

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