Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thompson River bait ban

At 11 Steelhead caught so far the in albion test fishery, hopes are high that the Thompson opens this year. This is one of the few rivers left in BC that still allows the use of bait for wild Steelhead. Frankly, I believe bait is completely out of place on a wild catch and release classified Steelhead fishery. Bait has been banned in most other BC rivers where wild Steelhead exist to protect the remaining fish from the proven higher catch and release mortality rate that it is famous for (usually caused by deep hooking), and to reduce the overall number of fish caught, reducing the post-release mortality that's inherit with a catch and release fishery to begin with. The BC ministries own creel survey data proves that a bait ban will be a valuable tool to reduce angler impact on these special fish. Please consider joining this facebook group to send a strong message to BC's fisheries managers. I encourage you to invite your friends and post links to this group anywhere you see fit.

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