Friday, November 19, 2010

Tying the Squamish Poacher shank style

The Squamish poacher is a local favorite for fishing the Squamish and Cheakamus rivers. However most people don't seem to know the trick in tying it. In this case I put my own spin on it and it looks a bit different then the original but hey, but its the same technique, and its not like the fish really care. Having the fly on a shank with a trailer hook however is a big advantage to a regular hook, as you tend to loose less fish after hookups and the little gammies used on these flies can be easily swapped out for nice sharp ones once they dull. You will need:

SHANK - Partridge waddington 25-55mm
LOOP - 35# slickshooter or Rio knot-able wire
THREAD - White or Orange G.S.P or stronger type thread
HOOK - octopus #2
TAIL - Red/Orange Polar bear and a few strands of pearl flash
BODY - Orange Chenille
HACKLE - Orange Schlappen
SHELLBACK: Edge Bright/Lazer wrap
EYES: Melted 50 pound monofilament
WEIGHT: lead wire wrapped along the shank, this is very important if you don't want your fly to swim upside down!

Krazy glue optional

Start off wrapping the shank in thread. Feed the slick shooter through the eye of the shank (hook attached) and tie it down on both top and bottom. I like to Krazy glue it after too.

Wrap Some lead wire along the lower portion of the shank. Then wrap the chenille in for the head but don't cut it. Add the Polar bear (or something similar) and some flash. Then tie in the set of eyes. I like to use some more Krazy glue at this point too

Tie in your Schlappen (or similar) by the butt end and wrap the rest of the chenille to the eye of the shank. Then wrap the Hackle up to the eye and tie off.

Cut off a strip of Lazer wrap about the some width as the body of the fly and tie it in starting at the shank eye. The original pattern has the shell back attached at the tail as well but I think this way gives the fly a little more movement. Tie the shellback off in about 3 or 4 sections and make sure to give each segment a few wraps. Tie off the fly right about where your hackle starts. Cut the lazer wrap into a point above the mono eyes, and a V cut out on the other side so the there is room for the line. Krazy glue any thread you see.


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  1. looks great. fly tying videos in the future?