Monday, November 29, 2010

Pieroway Metal Detector rods pass the test

Our New Pieroway Metal Detector rods have been put through some extensive testing over the last few months including rivers like the Dean, Kenektok, Skeena, Humber and many others, becoming a favorite stick to alot of fishy people. They are easy to use for beginners but experienced casters can throw some lazer loops with the skagit style lines they were designed for, compact Skandi lines cast equally well too.

Max loading up the 12' butter stick

Instead of designated line weights, they are sized in grain weights so you know the right line to use to get the best out of the rod. The 6ish weight, 400Grain 10'5" mini Skagit is equally good at throwing compact skandi lines both Spey and overhand. A perfect size rod for any trout like creature that resides in rivers. The 510Grain 7-8 weight was designed as a Steely stick and is perfect for most moderate sized Steelhead and salmon bearing rivers. At 12' its ideal for even some of the smaller streams, but loads up super well to chuck t14 and 5" bugs as far as you want, if needed.

Rob and a nice fish on the 510 Metal Detector

The 720 is the Chinook rod of the bunch. At 13'5" It throws the biggest Skagit lines and the heaviest bugs to dredge up some of the largest fish you can find in a river.
Brian and a big Dean Spring on the Metal Detector

If you would like to give one of these sticks a wiggle or to cast one, give us a call or drop by the shop

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