Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eumer Monster Cone Steelhead Tube Fly

This fly was tied by Mike Orlowski (aka- little Mike) at the shop. It is pretty typical of the tubes we were tying this past fall for Steelhead on the Bulkley river. After fishing shank flies for most of last year it was good to get into tubes again. I used to tie a tube fly I called the Sea Creature out of Polar Bear, Arctic Fox and Llamma. I hadn't tied this fly much in the last few years as I've been mostly fishing with Intruder style shank flies. I was given a sweet fly this past fall by one of the nice folks at Eumer. It reminded me of my old favourite the Sea Creature so I got back into tying these fur flies. The addition of the monster cone adds weight and action to the fly. My purist friends call it a lure but the name is quite fitting cause these flies really produce.

TUBE - Eumer teardrop tube chrome silver

HOOK - Partridge Nordic Single #4

TAIL - chartreuse Amherst

BODY - none

HACKLE - purple schlappen

COLLAR - purple and blue mallard flank

UNDERWING - shrimp pink finn raccoon

WING - kingfisher blue arctic fox and royal blue finn raccoon

OVERWING - blue ostrich

CHEEKS - jungle cock eyes

HEAD - Eumer Monster cone

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  1. Wicked looking fly. keep them coming.