Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vision Fly Tackle at Whistler Fly

Vision's Fiberglass Stick

Vision fly tackle, a popular Scandinavian Rod/Reel/Line manufacturer is now available at Whistler flyfishing. Vision makes ideal Steelhead and Salmon double handers which include the perfect all rounder NITE, or powerful GTfour Catapult. The Cult fiber series single hand rods are modern fiberglass rods that run from 3-6wt and are fun rods to catch trout with. They have nice reels too. The GT is a pretty slick large arbor reel, with the smaller sizes utilizing a click-pawl drag and larger sizes using a smooth disc break. Koma reels are also large arbor in both regular and interchangeable cassette versions. They are die cast Aluminum to keep cost down but still very durable. Check em out on our online store

GT Reel

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  1. love click and pawl reels. I own a Ross Colorado 0. A fly reel on anything less than a five weight is really just a line-holder.

    The Average Joe Fisherman