Monday, December 20, 2010

A Surprising place to Speyfish for Chrome Salmon

It would be understandable for you to expect that the big Salmon in this picture was caught floating a remote river somewhere on the coast of British Columbia or Alaska. In fact it looks lot like the Chinook Salmon we catch speyfishing BC rivers like the Dean, Kalum, Lillooet and Skeena. It also looks pretty similar to the King Salmon we catch every summer on the Kanektok river in Alaska. In fact, it wasn't even caught in North America. In Chile, guides and few guests have been experimenting with the emerging Chinook fishery in some of the rivers in Chile. Though most have been caught on gear, they have been taken on flies and are fished the same cast and swing style we do up here. These fish however have no real competition for spawning beds, no nets or commercial fishery's to worry about and few fish actively feed on their eggs or fry. Their numbers grow more year to year, relatively unimpeded and seem to have a large average size.

Chile west guide Trevor Covich hoists a hog

Whistler fly fishing has started booking destination trips to Chile west in 2012. Chile West is on the edge of an emerging king fishery while still boasting some of the finest Brown trout and Rainbow trout fishing as well. Email the shop at or call the shop 604-932-7221 for any info on Chile West or Chinook fishing

Nice Chilean Brown Trout

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