Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rigging Mono running line with Shooting head Spey lines

Got all your gear for a new setup but not too sure how to rig it all up? This is a very easy and dependable way to set up a Slickshooter (or Mono) running line with a Compact Spey head (Skagit, AFS, Scandi, etc.)
Starting off with backing, there are a few knots you can use to tie it off. I use 2, the first being the end loop knot which is strong and easy to tie but a bit Bulky.

The End loop knot

The second is the Bimini twist which takes a bit of practice but is the strongest of the bunch. Make sure that the loop of backing is big enough to go around the reel or spool of running line.
Then I take my Slickshooter and tie in a perfection loop.

Perfection loop with the Slickshooter flat against itself right before tightening

IMPORTANT! when you tie your loop, make sure that the Slickshooter is lined up flat and there are no twists, otherwise when you tighten the knot the sharp side of the line will cut through itself. You will know very quickly if you did it wrong when you test the strength of the knot. If done right, you should have a perfect loop that shouldn't break for any good reason.

Loop to loop

Loop the Backing on the running line and reel the rest on. Tie a perfection loop on the other side of the Slickshooter and attach the Line. Easy!

When attaching Airflo Shooting heads, remember that black is the back


  1. When using Slick Shooter, mono or similar materials some may find they don't like the perfection loop because the knot is difficult at times to tighten and sometimes does not go through the guides smoothly.

    A great alternative is the Australian Braid/Platt. It goes through the guides better and makes a stiffer section so you can have overhang out of the rod tip without hinge.

    This is a super strong knot used in heavy duty salt water situations.

    Once you learn it, it takes as long to tie as a Bimini.

    Braid Slick Shooter to a minimum length of 1.25 inches, 1.5 inches is fool-proof.

    Anal retentives (yes I am one) can add a light coat of Aqua Seal and your knot is as smooth as a factory loop.

  2. I can see the Australian Braid/Platt useful with regular mono.

    When you braid with slick shooter, its very easy to have a section not line up right and have it cut into itself. The issue with slick shooter is that it is flattened and there are very few ways to tie it without running into line cutting problems.

    I have never had a Slickshooter perfection loop fail on me and I don't personally notice the knot, though if you find it works well with the braid there is no harm in trying (thoroughly tested before use though!)