Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patagonia Merino Wool Rabble Beanie

We are about half way through winter now. Through it, one of the best selling articles of clothing in the shop here has been the Patagonia Merino wool Rabble beanie. As soon as we got them in I knew I had to have one and I can say with confidence its the best fishing/outdoor toque I've ever worn (I worn alot of different toques, seriously). After not removing it from my head for a matter of a few years now I have found it to repel water, especially away from face and neck. It never gets waterlogged, its super durable and most importantly (Maybe not to you) it doesn't ever smell. Marino Wool with a fleece inside make it really comfy and it works pretty well for Steelheading or any winter sport (skiing or boarding, it fits under helmets quite nicely too).

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