Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whistler winter fishing during the 2010 Olympics

The most common misconception people have about fishing the Whistler area is that fishing is non existent in the winter... its quite the contrary actually!
Generally winters here tend to be mild, which makes for some nicer fishing conditions usually starting in February. The weather we have been having for the last few weeks is quite exceptional, with warmer average temperatures and light amounts of rain in the Valley, the Rivers around whistler have been fishing quite well for the last few weeks and should fish great Into the upcoming 2010 Olympic games.
Sea-Run Bulltrout, Rainbow, Cutthroat and the odd Steelhead are around right now with plenty of char being taken in the 24"+ size bracket.

One of those Big Bulls, fat N' silver and full of Coho eggs

With The temperatures this warm, the Salmon Alevin/Fry migration should be happening soon, and when this does happen (with a little rain to help as well), you can expect fishing to get really good in almost any local river that had Salmon spawning in it.
Bring your 7wt switch or small Spey if you can, or a single hander can work too. Olive Zonkers and Muddlers work quite well during that time, as do flesh patterns, Alevin, Glo-bugs and good ol ESL's. No Need to switch up flies for Steelhead either as they are consistently taken on swung Egg suckers and olive Zonkers fishing for Trout!

Pat and Stuart with a beauty Rainbow

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  1. i agree about winter fishing,it is the same down here in Utah. i wish i could come up for the salmon.